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Do you want to support @ease? Great! This can be done in different ways:

Become a volunteer or professional at @ease

Our teams are always open to new volunteers and professionals. Read more about the possibilities here .

Promote @ease in your network

Do you want to inform other people about us? You’re very welcome! We like it when as many young people, healthcare professionals, teachers, parents and policymakers as possible know that @ease exists. In this way we can ensure that even more young people can easily, free of charge and anonymously receive support for their (psychological) complaints.

There are also opportunities to become an ambassador for @ease. Or maybe you have a good idea to increase the brand awareness of @ease. Anything is possible, so do not hesitate to contact us with us.


Support @ease via a financial contribution. With your support we can, amongst other things, train new volunteers and help even more young people. We would like to receive your donation via:

*We would like to send you a thank-you-note! So do not forget to mention your name and e-mail address..

Or donate directly via our donation page on  


Stichting @ease is officially recognized as an ‘ANBI’, a 'public benefit institution'.

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