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Our team is growing! We are very happy about that and it gives us the opportunity to help more and more young people. Are you enthusiastic about @ease and do you want to participate? You're welcome! Look below for the different possibilities and contact us.

Together with other volunteers you will have conversations with young people who visit us or want to chat with us. Before you start, you will receive a (free) two-day training. During the training you will get to know the other (new) volunteers and professionals, we will tell you more about the working method of @ease, you will practice a number of conversation techniques and you will learn how to recognize signals of any (serious) psychological problems. You will receive good guidance from our professionals.

Helping us to inform young people about @ease is part of the job if you are a volunteer. Maybe you have ideas about our PR? Look here for the full volunteer vacancy. We would like to receive an email with your motivation and your CV via the @ease location of your choice. Do you want more information? Just contact us or walk in.

If you are between 15 and 25 and you want to have a say or advise on the subject of 'young people and mental health', join our youth council. Good care for young people is only possible if young people themselves can actively think along about this. So we think your opinion is very important! Send us an email if you want to participate!

At a @ease walk-in location, (mainly) young volunteers and experienced experts work together with professionals from the social and healthcare sector. As a professional, your role is to coach our volunteers, you give advice and you intervene in a conversation if necessary. Does this role suit you as a professional? Do you want to commit yourself voluntarily or via your current employer? Click here for our vacancy for professionals. Please contact the location of your choice and we will schedule a meeting. Please note: Before you become a professional at @ease you follow – just like our volunteers – our @ease training.

Do you want @ease to open a branch in your area? And do you want to help set it up? Then we would like to talk to you! So… if you are an enthusiastic networker, a young person familiar with mental health issues, a healthcare professional or policymaker or someone who can support financially? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Are you familiar and active on social media? We are always looking for young people who want to help us to inform other young people about @ease via social media. If you are interested, please contact. us.